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About Cheryl Rich Heisler

Mixed metaPours is the latest in a series of career catapults for its founder, Cheryl Rich Heisler.


A lawyer by education, Heisler made her first career switch from big-law to consumer packaged goods marketing when she took a job in brand management at Kraft Foods in 1985.


In 1988, she left corporate America altogether to start Lawternatives, a career consulting firm for other lawyers in transition. Lawternatives still exists to this day, and when Cheryl is not working behind a bar, she continues to counsel members of the legal bar about what else they can do with their law degrees.


In 2011, taking her own career advice, Heisler followed her passion for mixology and attended the American/Professional Bartender Schools, receiving her Mixology License and BASSET Certification. She has been mixing, sipping, and sharing her recipes since that time.


A regular contributor to print/radio/internet media, Ms. Heisler is a frequently requested speaker. To get more information about having Cheryl present to your organization or group, please contact us with the name of your organization, your exact dates/locations and the topic you would like her to address, and she will follow up shortly.

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